Promote and advance sustainable development, adaptive use and redevelopment through an affordable revitalization of communities and neighborhoods.  Whether the project is revitalization of Public Housing, multi-family or mixed development or commercial and industrial adaptive use , our unique Public, Private Academic Cooperative (“PPAC) brings a variety of stakeholders with unique skill to formulate a comprehensive “Action Plan” for success.

Pristine is proud of our PPAC program and fortunate to be in cooperation with Montclair State University's advanced undergraduates in the Feliciano School of Business, Montclair State University Real Estate Institute and MSU’s newly formed MBA program participants.  We continually seek inclusiveness with local community, government and healthcare providers all of whom are necessary for any strategy for success.

Not forgotten in these transitional times is the need to provide services to underserved low- and moderate-income citizens, veterans and local work-force community groups such firemen, police personnel and other public servants.  We partner with banks, financial institutions as well as nonprofit groups to bring education and social services such as Early Childhood Centers, Adult Daycare Centers and Community Social Services offices, all of which in cooperation provide innovative financial, healthcare and social assistance that benefits people across the entire community income spectrum.